Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My novel "Zombified" is now available on Kindle!

I am so excited to announce my book is finally published.  I began writing this book over 3 years ago, right before my sons went to Iraq.  During that time many wonderful things happened such as the birth of my graddaughter Sara, the boys returning home, my daughter graduating from high school, last year she got married and gave us a grandson, Gage, who is 11 months old.  Lots of things happened so my book wasn't given full priority for quite some time.  Was mostly a late-at-night endeavor and often got shelved for more pressing events.  I was lucky to have the title right from the beginning, sometimes that can be the hardest decision to make.

Anyway, this has been a long, sometimes difficult process.  I must say I'm extremely happy with how easy it was to use Kindle.  I'm already working on the sequel to Zombified  and an anthology of short stories - I will put them on Kindle as well.  Thanks for reading my blog, hope you will check out my book - if you have a Kindle I know right now you can sample it for free.

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