Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing for Profit Online, Can it Be Done?

I've been spending most of my online time doing two things:  adding to my book (found out after I finished it that it's not long enough for most markets now), and writing for profit online.  I first started writing for Associated Content and it's fun, doesn't pay much starting out, but I do enjoy it.  I just started writing for Textbroker and it's not fun, it's more like work.  On AC you pretty much write about what interests you or you can take an assignment if there's one that looks interesting.  Textbroker, you can pick the assignments, but you have to follow the instructions to the letter that are written by the person wanting the article you write.  I've done three of those so far, the first two took two hours to do, including the research.  I did find out they get easier and I was overthinking it a bit (no surprise there).   So for the third one, I did the research and wrote the article in about 30 minutes.  So far, two of the articles have been accepted, they can reject an article if they don't like it.  I will probably write two to three articles a week for them, they pay better than AC right now.  I've pretty much decided though that I need to get my book finished and out there, I do have a publisher who told me they will look at it, there's where my real money may lie.  So, I will continue to do writing on the side (if anything, it helps and I can use the experience on a resume) but my main focus is once again on my book.  I have set myself the goal of finishing by the 23rd and I think I can do that.  Anyway, wish me luck - would be terrible to get writer's block now!