Friday, September 17, 2010

Facebook and Blogging

I've belonged to Myspace for quite a while, joined Facebook this year.  I do like Facebook better and my entire family uses it, such a great way to keep in touch with all the relatives from Michigan to Texas.  I also started playing all their little games, my current fav is called My Tribe and yes, I play Farmville.  I get a little overwhelmed with some of the things the games throw at us, I play four games regularly and sometimes it's hard to keep up.  I've been thinking of linking my blog to Facebook, I follow a couple of bloggers who are linked and it looks pretty easy.  I'm just not sure if I want my relatives scrutinizing my blog just yet since it's still fairly new.  The only ones who know about my blog are my hubby and daughter and neither one follow it.  Hubby's not much for social networking and daughter's too busy with the baby. 

Don't get me wrong, I do want to share my blog with family, not just yet.  I need to be more proficient and more scheduled in regard to posting, and I'm sorely lacking in both right now.  I am looking forward to things slowing down a bit soon, then I can get a handle on everything I've let slide.  I have started painting the inside of my kitchen cabinets this week, taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but then I often get distracted, especially if the kids need me to take the baby for a second or twenty (Dying to see what he looks like?  Add me on Facebook).

Ok, back to Facebook and blogging - I'm pretty sure some day I will link the two and let the fam in, but until then I will rely on my blogger friends to let me know if they like my posts or not.

Have a great evening, I'm off to check my ham and cheesy scalloped potato casserole...yummy yum!     

Baby's First Cold and Other Stuff...

Wellll, the baby got his first cold, fortunately it's a mild one and he's getting better.  So far, its only affected his sleep for one night, we've been using the cool mist humidifier and a vapor plug-in and they seem to help.  Things are a little different than when my kids were infants, he got a little Tylenol when he had a fever, but no more cold medicine for babies, guess doctors have decided it does them no good.  Although he's been sick, it hasn't deterred him from learning to turn over onto his tummy, only problem is when he does it in his crib at night before he goes to sleep and starts yelling for someone to come turn him over.  So we're not running in and out, we have been getting him to sleep and then putting him in the crib, just until he learns to turn himself back over.  Usually he's put into the crib drowsy but not asleep so he would learn to go to sleep by himself, which he did quite awhile ago with no problems.  My daughter is lucky, he's been sleeping 8-10 hours a night since he was about 2 and 1/2 months old, but he's a big boy, he now weighs 17 pounds. 

Not too long ago, I posted a photo of my daughter's cat, Tommy.  Sadly, he was just wasting away and had to be put down, he went very quickly and peacefully.  We will miss TC, he was a big part of our family for 16 years.  Was very hard to do, especially since we just lost our little Demi dog in June.  They are both buried out in our back yard under the Rose of Sharon bushes. 

Guess that's all I have for now, hope everyone is enjoying these cooler temps, look like it might get downright chilly in some places!   

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hi! Miss Me?

I never imagined that helping my daughter and new son-in-law by taking care of the baby while they work would be so demanding, exhausting, but fun!  I don't remember having this much fun when my kids were just 3 months old.  He smiles and laughs, yells, hums, "talks" and is now ticklish.  He already has this little personality that is so cute, he makes me smile to just look at him.  There's nothing like walking up to him and he gives you this great big, gummy smile back.  Maybe I'm just old enough now to appreciate how quickly they grow up and how precious this time is.  He will be four months old next week and I can hardly wait to see what he does next, he's almost ready to roll over, will he do it by then?  Since they live with us, I get to see him change daily, with my granddaughters I didn't have that, but it's still a pleasure to watch them grow and change (they are 7 and 2).  So this is my main reason for not writing every day.  I am getting the hang of it again though, so I'm hoping to be back to blogging daily soon.  I am still trying to stop by everyone's blogs, I love reading them!  Ok, enough for now, just wanted to say howdy and let you know what's keeping me so busy.