Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Week!

Daughter is getting married Thursday, just a small courthouse wedding with a reception at our house.  She, her fiance, and their baby son live with us.  They have wanted to get married for over 2 years now, but she has some health problems and needed to stay on our insurance to get her meds and see her doctors.  She's trying to get state health insurance for her and the baby, which will help a lot.  Her fiance is going into the Air Force in six months (there's a waiting list) and they'll be covered then, but they have to be married before he can enlist.  Anyway, we will be busy this week with cleaning, getting all her appointments out of the way, ordering the flowers, etc.  She also just started a new job last week so we will be working everything around her hours.

Was just thinking about their inability to get married because she would have lost her insurance.  Wonder how many people have had to delay marriage or other important events in their lives because of restrictions like that?  At one time, her fiance would have lost his social security benefits from when his father died as well.  Kind of seems backward, if a couple wants to marry, society should do everything they can to help, not hinder that decision.  What do you think?     

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  1. I think it's a crazy mixed up world and not too much seems to make much sense any more.


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