Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Much Going On!

I like to blog every day, but life steps in and sometimes that's just not possible.  I did recently figure out how to set up my blogs to post at a certain time, so at least the next time I want to write more than one, I can spread them out, which is a good thing. 

After my daughter got married on the 15th, we had a nice reception and I spent a little time talking to my new son-in-law's grandfather.  Unfortunately, the grandfather suffered a massive heart attack last Monday and passed away.  So you can imagine how last week went.  This week so far I've been watching the baby while my daughter works and her new hubby gets ready to enlist in the Air Force.  He spent most of the day today at the recruiter's office.  I'm tired, but I wanted to blog a little before bed.

I'm hoping things settle down a little, we certainly need the break.  I'm glad it's cooled off the last few days, it was getting a little crazy with highs in the 100s every day, although it's supposed to get hot again by the end of the week. 

Well, hope everyone has a great week, take care and give your loved ones extra hugs and kisses. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Editing a Manuscript - Ugh!

I really don't mind editing, I catch myself doing it all the time when I'm reading something.  However, having said that, I am getting tired of editing my manuscript.  As most writer's know, a lot of editing is done as you go along, I tend to backtrack at times and edit.  My book is finished, but I've probably edited it to some degree at least 3 times.  Now that I have the finished product printed out and in my hands, I am doing the final edit.  The main problem I'm having right now is that this is my work and I'm missing stuff, some of it is obvious mistakes.  I didn't think I would need someone to edit my book, after all I made an A in editing in college for Pete's sake, doesn't that count for something?  Guess it is true, that's it's difficult to edit your own work.  I've decided to finish my edit, then I'm going to hand off the manuscript to a friend, we'll see what they come up with.  I'm hoping that the edit is fine, that will help me feel more confident about editing any future works.  So, just wondering, any of you have problems with editing your own work?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You Freecycle?

I've belonged to our town's Freecycle group for quite a few years now.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, if you have something you want to get rid of (can be absolutely anything), you post what it is and people who are signed up will respond via email if they're interested.  Then you just have to decide where to meet to give them the item...around here a lot of folks just go to people's homes to pick up the items.  I've seen everything from flowers and fish to baby items and cars posted.  Everything is free, you have to give the item(s) away and no trading, either. 

So if you're interested, check it out, it's a great way to recycle unused items.  Here's the link:  http://www.freecycle.org/

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Baby Got Married Today! :D

Tying that knot tight!
Well the ceremony and festivities are over and I'm exhausted, but elated.  My daughter and her new hubby have wanted to get married for over 2 years now and it's finally happened.  The ceremony was so sweet, they were both tearing up.  Watching them together makes me smile, my daughter's husband is awesome.  He is so good with their baby, he does everything with him...he'll even change those foul smelling diapers.  They are the cutest little family and I'm wishing them the very best.  I will try to post a few photos, it may only let me do one though.   

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Summer in Oklahoma is always hot, but it seems to always catch everyone by surprise at just how hot it can get.  We will be in the low 100s all week, the only time I go out is in the evening.  Fortunately, the humditity is low right now, but it still feels like you're stepping into a blast furnace if the wind is blowing.  The only good thing about August in Oklahoma is September and October are next, fall and spring are my favorite seasons.  We often have a month of Indian Summer, perfect temperatures with cool breezes and occasional showers.  I have lots to keep me busy inside, which is good, but was wondering - what is everyone else doing to keep cool where they live - what do YOU do?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Week!

Daughter is getting married Thursday, just a small courthouse wedding with a reception at our house.  She, her fiance, and their baby son live with us.  They have wanted to get married for over 2 years now, but she has some health problems and needed to stay on our insurance to get her meds and see her doctors.  She's trying to get state health insurance for her and the baby, which will help a lot.  Her fiance is going into the Air Force in six months (there's a waiting list) and they'll be covered then, but they have to be married before he can enlist.  Anyway, we will be busy this week with cleaning, getting all her appointments out of the way, ordering the flowers, etc.  She also just started a new job last week so we will be working everything around her hours.

Was just thinking about their inability to get married because she would have lost her insurance.  Wonder how many people have had to delay marriage or other important events in their lives because of restrictions like that?  At one time, her fiance would have lost his social security benefits from when his father died as well.  Kind of seems backward, if a couple wants to marry, society should do everything they can to help, not hinder that decision.  What do you think?     

Sunday, August 1, 2010

One more photo for now...

Will have to post each pic separately, not sure what's going on...

Hmmm, where'd the other photos go?

Ok, I downloaded two other photos but they didn't show?  So here they are again...

Before shot.

Bathtub Part III

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, my back went out on me and I'm slowly getting around.  Here's a few photos, I need to take more, the tub is in and hubby is in the process of redoing the tile.
Sammi checking out the damage.