Thursday, July 22, 2010

Turning Your Blog into a Book

In my book trailer post I mentioned that I believed you got around 35% royalty for a Kindle book.  I went to check up on that and found there is now a 70% royalty "option" - whatever that means.  I didn't have enough time to dig further, but I plan to.  If that's true, I may just put my novel on Kindle and see what happens.  At least I would get my first book out there, I do plan to do another book, and pretty sure there will be a total of three in a series.  While looking around the Kindle site, it recommended turning my blog into a book.  Of course it's a general add for anyone, but it got me to thinking...there are some wonderful blogs out there.  I'm certain some of them would have enough great material to do a book.  Has anyone turned their blog into a book or even thought about doing so?  I've never seen one, but like I said before I'm new to all this.  I would like to find one and see what it looks like.

Tomorrow is Friday, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and an even better weekend! 


  1. I've thought about printing out some of my posts and putting them into book form. Of course it would be strictly for my enjoyment.

  2. I did find a press release stating that there is a 70% "option" to publish a book via Kindle and there are some guidelines. I'll post the link here and by the way, if you ever decide to publish your posts, you have to share them with us too! :)


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