Friday, July 16, 2010

Demi's Dish

This is a photo of my heartdog, Demi and this is her story. When my daughter was 13, she volunteered at the local SPCA and this little dog caught her eye. She begged us to bring her home, all 8 pounds of her. She wanted to name her Ally, but after more discussion she became Demi. She was a small chihauhau mix and scared. Whenever I'd sit in my recliner, she would jump up and lay right under my chin, not moving until I got up. Not long after we got her, she began to have problems with her knees, after one knee operation was successful she was almost good as new, but we had to deter her from jumping up on the furniture.

For the following 6 years, she was my baby, she even slept with my husband and I. She was funny, fiesty, and the ruler of the roost. Our older dog Maggie and older cat Tommy even acquiesced to her wishes. Then last year, she messed up a disc in her back, we came very close to having to put her down, I had to carry her outside to do her business. After vet visits, pain meds, and lots of steroids she got better, which was such a relief, although short-lived. One day soon after I held a treat out to her; she didn't see it. Within a few days she was blind and after a visit to the vet to confirm my suspicions, discovered she was diabetic as well.

For the next year, I faithfully gave her two shots a day at 9am and 9pm - think my daughter only filled in for me about 4 times. Recently, she began to bark all day and cry all night, she was also having accidents in the house. She was slowly getting worse, eventually we all could tell the time had come. On June 23rd, at 4:30pm, Demi went to what pet lover's around the world call the Rainbow Bridge. She is buried in our backyard under the Rose of Sharon bushes. That evening I picked up her dish, intending to wash it. As I walked over to the sink, I glanced down. Her little dish is black with white paw prints on the outside, the inside is stainless steel and I could see where she had licked it clean. I turned around without thinking and placed the little dish (a small dog bowl really) on the shelves above my computer. The dish is still there, I just can't bring myself to wash it yet.

No one tells you when you lose a pet how devastated you will feel. How hard you can cry or how many times you will ask yourself if you did the right thing. One thing I can now say is that no matter how often I question myself, in the end I always come back to the same conclusion. We did do the right thing at the right time; we set her free. I didn't originally intend to write about this, but I began to feel strongly that it would help me to get this out in writing. My family is so understanding, but this is cathartic for me and gives me a sense of closure. Anyway, I wanted to share Demi's story with you - she was an awesome little dog and I love her very much.


  1. Such a sweet story. I know the feeling of letting them go. People who don't own pets don't understand that they aren't just a dog or a cat they are like one of your own children.

  2. Thank you Ann, I so agree, they're our furbabies and they manage to steal a big part of our heart.


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