Monday, July 26, 2010

Busy, Busy Day!

Today hubby and I were planning on replacing our ancient bathtub with the new one we bought at Lowe's.  Actually, hubby was going to do the prep work today and if he had time the plan was to beat the old tub until the cast iron breaks.  That's the easiest way to remove it, probably weighs about 300 pounds in one piece.  Did I mention my hubby is one of the handiest people I know?  McGuyver had nothing over on what he can do.  Well, things didn't go exactly as planned... 

Last night we decided to get ice cream and we went out to the garage to get in the truck.  Tire on passenger side is flat, so we take my car.  One of my tires has a slow leak.  So this morning was eaten up by tire replacement/repairs.  After noon, we have everything (we think) to do the prep/demo work.  All goes well until hubby starts smacking the tub with a regular hammer.  The porcelin breaks, but that's it.  Hubby asks me to go check online - will cast iron really break?  I come back:  yes, it will break but you need a BIG hammer (sledgehammer is best).  So off to Lowe's again.  Hammer is sitting in the tub; demo continues tomorrow.  Good thing hubby took the week off, think we're gonna need all of it.

Why am I not helping more, you ask?  I have a good reason, was watching our 3 month old grandson, who is the sweetest little guy on the planet.  When he smiles and goos I get all goofy and start talking in this ridiculously high voice, which spurs him on more.  Ok, enough of that for now, I'm getting off track. I will post some photos tomorrow, hopefully I will have some showing an empty space where the old tub used to sit.  

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  1. home repairs are always a treat. I have so many of them that need done around here it's not even funny. Maybe one day we'll even have the time and money to do


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