Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog #3 - Got Technorati?

Wow, did I just have an experience! Read that if you don't have Technorati you might as well cancel your blog account and go play Facebook games. Sooo, I mosied over to their site and opened an account. Pretty easy to do, after that I'm sitting here thinking, now what? I had noticed on another blogger's site that they had a little Technorati favorites badge (Or whatever you call it here. Ok, go ahead and laugh, I know I'm such a newbie, but I want one of those cute little badges too). Well that started me looking around some more; realized I had to claim my blog. Searched all over, but found nothing telling me where to go. So I oogled it and finally figured it out. Then, I had to add a feed (how convenient the Atom feed was right there) and add in the body of one of my posts the special secret code of the Technorati (kinda sounds like the Illuminati, doesn't it). I thought blogging was going to be easy, but I'm quickly finding out there's a whole lot more to this than the written word or a pretty photo. However, I'm always up to a challenge, so I will eagerly continue to figure out this thing, even if it kills me (who knows, it might - can never tell about these things ya know). Ok, gonna close for now - tomorrow sometime I'm going to write about something special, well at least to me.

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  1. I have a technorati account but to be perfectly honest with you, I never pay any attention to it at all.
    The way I finally got my blog going was using Entrecard. You get free advertising through other members. You earn points that you can buy ads with every time you drop on them. It was a lot of work and got to be a total pain but I met some wonderful bloggers.


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