Monday, July 19, 2010

Arrgh! Information Overload!

I'm beginning to get overwhelmed and I know why. I need to narrow down my search for the right blogs. So far I've "followed" four or five that have to do with writing/publishing and I think I need to stop there for now. I need to carefully read their posts and see what they have to offer. I'm doing too much skimming and joining and not enough reading. If I keep going like this, I'm going to start ripping my hair out. All I want to do is write my blog (which I'm finding is loads of fun), network with the right people, and find the right way to go about publishing my book, whether it's through a traditional route or through online publishing. I think I've been in too much of a hurry and so I need to slow down, too. I would love to hear from other authors on their experiences, but since I don't have a lot of traffic I know I need to find these authors and read their blogs. Hopefully, the ones I've chosen to start with will be just what I need.

I have a feeling this is going to take a lot longer than anticipated, which is all right, I am a fairly patient person. I didn't say that I had to like doing all this studying, researching, and reading though, but in the end it should make me a smarter author. Maybe even save me some time in the long run. We'll see how it goes, or maybe someone out there knows the perfect publisher who will take me by the hand and guide me through the process. Fat chance of that, but I can dream, right?

Anyway, I hope everyone out there in Blog Land has a wonderful and fulfilling week!


  1. I've found that I'll follow a blog but after reading a few posts am no longer interested in it. It's not always the blog itself that holds my interest but more the type of person who is writing it. By that I mean, I've found blogs that I love but the blogger may not necessarily seem to really care about the visitors too much. I start to feel like I'm a party crasher and don't

  2. Really? I would hate to feel that way about the people who come to my blog, that they're party crashers. I want to get to know everyone and have fun, if you don't what's the point. I am glad to have you and Tim following me (honored actually...hehe) and I find it fun to interact and visit with you on your blogs too. By the way have you seen that he's posting his bread recipe? Yum!!

  3. Hi there!
    Greetings from BlogFrog :)
    Here's a blog I follow
    Sonya loves writing, she's been a guest speaker about blogging - why a writer should have a blog. I like her blog posts a lot. Maybe you find something interesting there :)
    Have a great day!
    ps. your comment settings - can't comment with name/URL - only with google account > shows my blogger profile which is not where I blog...
    Please check my post with pictures here >
    commenting blogger vs. wp?


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